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 Wolf Moon (private rp)

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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 2:04 am

The old wolf frowned, “I know of his friendship with the blood drinkers, and I have never felt easy about it. Sani may be trust worthy but I do not trust her mate, nor any other of their kind. You say another knows of you and the cubs?”

Melody looked nervous, “Well, Sani and Alexander had another guest show up, which is part of why I came home early. They seemed to trust him, and it is getting kind of hard to hide that I’m pregnant now. But he probably just thinks I’m carrying a human child.”

“Does Valshar know of this?”

She shook her head, “I didn’t think it was that important.”

“If that other one learns that you are mate to a wolf, he will probably guess that you are not carrying a human child. Valshar should know about this.”

Melody frowned, “Alright, I’ll talk to him as soon as I can then.”

The old wolf gently nudged her hand, “I am sure it is probably just me being old and suspicious, I have every confidence in his ability to keep you and the pack safe.”

Trying to turn her mind back to more pleasant thoughts, she said “You said it was the pack who chooses the cubs pack names that they’re known by?”

The Keeper nodded, “Yes.”

“If cubs are presented to the Alpha…”

Keeper chuckled, “The Alpha’s cubs are presented in the same way to the entire pack, or as many as can gather when it is time. Cubs are typically presented for Recognition by their first full moon, depending on when it falls. If the cubs are less than two weeks old then it will be the next full moon after that they are presented.”

She gave Melody a warm sideways head tilted grin. “You know, it never really surprised me that he took a human mate. It’s actually in his blood.”

Melody blinked at that. “What do you mean?”

“Falwyn’s great grandmother was human.” Then she added, “Falwyn was his mother. Blood names follow the mother’s line. That is what his blood name, Nas’Falwyn means, born to Falwyn.”

It took Melody a few moments to digest that tidbit of information, “But if it follows the mother’s line, it would change each generation wouldn’t it? With humans our surnames follow the father’s line, so it stays the same through the generations, at least along the male line, with women taking their husband’s family name.”

“It does change, but it is still very easily traceable once you learn the lines. Your cubs will be known by the blood name of Nas’Melody, unless you decide to change your name.”

“Change my name?”

Keeper nodded, “It is not a common thing but not unheard of for a female who comes from outside the pack to attend a Recognition and present herself to the pack and ask for a Pack name to be recognized in this pack as one of our wolves. You are already a member of the pack because you are Ney’Sara, but you could ask for a pack name and then Melody would be considered as your cub name, and reserved only for private moments with those closest to you.”
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Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 2:25 am

"That...might be something for a later date." Melody replied thoughtfully, trying not to let the wave of information overwhelm her.

"Yes, of course. It's not required, but it may be something to consider in your later years." the shewolf chuckled. When Melody returned her chuckle with a smile, the older wolf let out a shrill yip before returning to her rummaging, adding to the growing pile of opened scrolls in front of her. Another shewolf trotted into the lair after a few moments.

"Be a good pup and bring Nay'sara some herbal tea. Alpha will be finished with his errands soon, I'm assuming?" The old wolf called out.

"Yes." The she replied, her ears perking curiously at the growing mess. "He's clearing out more dens since the rain has let up."

"Could you please tell him when he gets a break that I need to speak to him?" Melody called after the she before she could leave to grab the tea. "As long as he has free time. Otherwise it can wait until we get home."
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Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 2:46 am

The other she wolf nodded, “I’ll see the message relayed, but he may not be free until sundown since there’s much work to be done before it gets dark.”

Melody nodded, “If not then I’ll speak to him when we’re home tonight. “

She turned back to the Keeper, another thought that had been worrying her coming to mind. “What do you know about the eastern pack?”

“Hmm?” The old female thought for a moment, “You’re worried about the parley?”

Melody sighed and nodded, “I am.”

“Jaldor, unless he has changed drastically in the last century, is an honorable wolf. He would not break the terms of a parley without a good reason, and Valshar is too smart to give him any reason. I don’t think there is anything to worry about. Valshar is cautious and will be careful. With Morlach gone, I think there is only one pack who would possibly ever threaten us, but that is unlikely as long as old Oberon leads.” She chuckled to herself as she remembered something. “I did always find it amusing how the other Alphas doubted young Valshar when his father died and he became Alpha. They did not think one so young could lead so well. Youngest Alpha of the Six packs, and he is by far the best of the lot, but I may be just a little partial.”

She gave Melody a warm smile and a wink. The other female reappeared with the tea and small meat rolls on a tray. She smiled at Melody.

“I am Rella, mother has impeccable memory for things recorded centuries ago, but neglects her manners and introductions.” She teased the old wolf with a chuckle.

“Oh hush you, pup, I’m entitled to such things at my age.” She shifted to human form, slowly with a bit of a groan at protesting muscles and aching bones, and then sat down on the other stool, taking one of the meat rolls.
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Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 3:11 am

"At your age you should already be retired." Rella countered making Melody giggle. The older wolf rolled her eyes and devoured her meat roll before eagerly grabbing for another.

"If you would hurry up and learn my teachings more efficiently, I could be out relaxing in the spring rain. I do love how it smells."

"Really, Mother." Her daughter replied almost in a scolding tone as she offered a few of the meat rolls to Melody, who grabbed a few and thanked her before eating.

They all enjoyed the few moments of silence, enjoying their small meal before Melody quipped with another question.

"What else can you tell me about Valshar?"


The time passed quickly in the lair. Meody enjoyed listening to the friendly banter between Rella and her mother, both countering each other with the same amount of sass and age that made her almost miss Mathias. Thinking to herself that she at least owed him a letter, she looked over at the lair entrance when Valshar in his human form wandered in.

"Alpha." Both shewolves greeted respectively. He nodded in acknowledgement before reaching out a hand to Melody. "It's time to get you home, love."

"And then we can speak in privacy, yes?" She asked, thanking the Keeper for her time. Before they could leave, the rough voice called out after them.

"Be sure to mention the blood drinkers to him."

That stopped him dead in his tracks and he turned to Melody with confusion on his face. "Did something happen with Sani??" He asked in a tone that she couldn't pin down. It was a mixture of worry and something else.

"Other than Sani wanting to buy us furniture for the cubs, not that I know of. But the Keeper suggested that I speak to you about who knows of my pregnancy. But that can wait until we get home. I'm feeling a little tired."
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Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 12:03 pm

It was not until they had returned to the cabin and he had gotten the fire going and water heating for tea that he turned and looked at her.

“What is it that you need to talk to me about?”

He stood, arms folded across his chest and his expression calm but serious.

Melody settled into one of the more comfortable chairs with a tired sigh. “I guess I should have mentioned this earlier, but there was another reason I left Sani’s and came home early.”

“What happened?”

She frowned, “The other guest that showed up, he was another vampire. Something about him made me really uncomfortable, and it was getting difficult for me to hide my pregnancy. Alexander and Sani seemed to trust him, but he made me uneasy, a lot like Fredrick had done.”

He growled, “Did he do anything?”

“Not really, nothing I could have complained about. He just seemed to watch me, a lot, staring at me in fact. So I had just made my excuses to Sani and came home early.”

He exhaled sharply and moved to sit down in the other chair across from her.  

“Alright. I trust Sani, she and I have saved each other’s lives and she has proven herself to be an ally. I do not trust Alexander though, and I most certainly do not trust any other vampire any further than I can see them. I need to send a message to Sani, one only she can read, and see what she knows of this other one.”

She looked at him, “I’m going to guess this means I’m not going anywhere alone anymore?”

“I’m sorry, I know you don’t like…”

She stopped him, reaching over to take his hand, “I’m mostly over the worst of my mood swings, I think. It’s alright, love. I understand why it’s needed, and to be honest, right now I’ll be glad of it.”

He covered her hand with his other one and held it gently, “I just can’t take any chances. I’ll be changing the wolves who watch you. There are a few I know who have more experience with dealing with vampires, so they will know what to watch for in the event this other one means trouble. Kynar especially, and he can gather up the others.”

“But that meeting with the other pack, don’t you need him to go with you?”

“That isn’t for a while yet, and no. While I appreciate Kynar’s wisdom and council, he is more needed here. He will understand, and I can easily find another wolf to accompany me to the parley with Jaldor.”

She nodded, “I can’t help but worry about that, something just bothers me about it.”

“Try not to stress yourself about that. It’s not healthy for you or the cubs. I will be fine.”

She gave him a look. “I can’t stop worrying about you any more than you can stop worrying about me.”

He smiled and gently squeezed her hand. “Fair point, love. Just remember you need to take care of yourself and the cubs.”

“I will. If you’re going to change who watches, me does that mean Myron won’t be there?”

He tilted his head. “Myron is young, and inexperienced for all that he is trying to learn. I may just add the new wolves to what is already here. The more eyes watching, the better to keep you safe.”

“How old is Myron anyway?”

Valshar looked thoughtful for a moment, “He is… essentially around the same age as you are.”

“Essentially?” She quirked an eyebrow at him.

He chuckled, “He is just over a hundred. Old enough that he is no longer called an adolescent, but still trying to prove himself worthy of being called an adult. To his credit, he handles criticism well, which is a good sign of maturity.”

She tilted her head. “Criticism? You didn’t fuss at him over that situation with the southern Alpha did you?”

He frowned. “ I do not fuss.”

“Oh yes you do.”

“Well, I did not fuss at him. He asked for my evaluation on how he handled things, and I told him. I pointed out things he should not have done, and things that he could improve on.” He caught her look, “But I also pointed out things he did very well, and told him that overall I was pleased with how he handled it.”

“Well, as long as you didn’t fuss at him too much, he tries hard.”

He nodded, “He asked to be allowed to help watch you, and yes, he does try hard. Which is another good sign that he is maturing, he understands the importance of the responsibility.”

Valshar got up and poured the tea, handing her a cup. “Here, drink your tea and we can go to bed, you look tired.”

“I am.” She said around a yawn. “I did learn quite a bit about you today though.” She smiled, watching him.

He laughed, “Knowing how much Keeper loves visitors and enjoys talking, I do not doubt that you did.”

She sipped her tea and looked thoughtful for a few minutes. “Is Valshar your pack name or the other name?”

He sighed, “She told you about that did she?”

Melody nodded, “It came up because I had asked her about cub naming  and she was explaining about the different names a wolf gets and how.”

He nodded. “Well, to answer, no, Valshar is not my pack name. It is the name I took after I became Alpha and had defeated Morlach.”
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 2:40 pm

"So the reason you use it-"

"Is more of a personal preference." Valshar told Melody quickly, before glancing over at her cup. "But if you wish to know more you have to wait. It's getting quite late and you should be resting."

"In your letter to Sani, could you ask her if she could visit us sometime?" Melody asked curiously as Valshar stood to take her empty tea cup and put it in the water basin.

"Of course. She would be thrilled to do so, and I don't want you making anymore trips to visit if that other vampire is still there."

"As far as I know, he wasn't a permanent resident." She said idly, stretching out over the chair. It was comfortable and she had no intention of moving, but Valshar was next to her, slowly pulling her up from the chair.

"Come on now, love. We can finish this tomorrow." He chuckled. "Don't need you falling asleep in that chair.
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Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 4:10 pm

Sani arrived the next night, hugging Valshar as she stepped through the door.

“Thank you for coming, Sani.”

“You’re watchers are rather intense about their job.” She smirked. “That slate colored one with the silver trim in particular.”

“I am sorry about that.”

She waved it off, “No, old friend, you have nothing to be sorry for. I suspect I didn’t even see half of them, and from what your message said, it’s well justified.”

Melody, who had been napping, was stirred awake by the voices and offered a sleepy greeting when she saw who it was.

“Sani, I’m so glad to see you.”

Sani smiled and hugged her. “I’m glad to see you too.”

“Come, why don’t you both sit down, I’ll get the tea.”

Sani nodded and nudged Melody over to the chairs before taking one for herself.

“So what can you tell us?” He asked, settling down in the last chair after pouring the tea for them both.

“Well, the guest Melody referred to is Samuel. Alexander’s younger brother. And I tolerate his existence only as a polite courtesy to my husband.” Her eyes darkened. “I also suspect, given Alexander’s lack of tact or discretion, he probably did tell Samuel at the very least that Melody’s mate to a wolf, and he could draw conclusions from there on his own.”

She sipped her tea, “I apologize that I was not as observant as I apparently need to be in my own manor. Looking back at things though, I can see what made Melody uncomfortable. I had just assumed his interest in her was due to the fact that he spends very little time among humans. When he isn’t feeding on them at least.”

Valshar frowned at the last statement. “Do you think he’s a threat?”

She shrugged, “I cannot make any guarantees on that, though I don’t think he would be stupid enough to trespass on pack lands.” Small flecks of crimson danced in her eyes, “If he does however pose a threat, that becomes a stain on my honor, and I do not take such insults lightly.”

She looked over at Valshar. “I know you can handle yourself if they are stupid enough to go after you. If they try anything toward Melody, and actually survive your watchers, they will not survive me. Alexander may be my husband, but we share no such bond as you and Melody do. If he crosses me and breaks my rules…” her eyes narrowed, “well, then I shall just find myself as a widow, and not a grieving one.”

He nodded grimly and Melody just watched the two with wide eyes.

“I trust you Sani, but I do not trust any other of your kind.”

She nodded, “I know, and I am grateful that you still trust me. I will not allow that trust to be betrayed, by anyone, including my fool of a husband or his idiot brother. My guests and my friends are off limits, and they better not forget that.”

Valshar grinned; he knew exactly how dangerous that slim, unassuming looking lady could be. “I appreciate it.”

“I would tell you not to worry, but I know you well enough to know that’s pointless. However, I will handle it. But just on the off chance they do try something stupid and somehow manage to slip past me, keep your watchers.”

He nodded, “I plan to.”

She nodded, and her eyes no longer showed any trace of crimson. “I bet you never even paid any attention, have you?”

He quirked an eyebrow at her and chuckled, “Of course I have, Sani, I have always known it.”

Melody looked confused and Sani laughed, “I don’t feed on humans anymore, at least not unless it is absolutely necessary, or I’m attacked by one.” She frowned slightly, “However the same can’t be said of Alexander or his brother. I have made it clear to Alexander though, that he better pray I never find out he’s been killing anyone in town.”

“Even when I did actively hunt humans, I never killed them unless I was attacked. It’s not necessary. Vampires who do kill those upon whom they feed are either careless, greedy, or want to prevent the victim from identifying them so they can pretend to be humans.”

Valshar chuckled, “Not like you who pretend to be human because you enjoy those silly parties of yours.”

She smirked, “Exactly. Which reminds me.” She purred, “Someone owes me a party.”


She looked over at Melody, “Did he not say I could throw you two a party after the wedding?”

Melody grinned and nodded, “Yes, he did.”

He sighed.

“I intend to hold you to that, but I will wait until after your cubs are born, and Melody’s properly recovered. And you can’t pretend you don’t have anything to wear for one. As I recall from the wedding, you do clean up rather nicely when you want to.”
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Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 4:48 pm

"And you looked so handsome." Melody cooed before he could reply, earning a light scowl from him. "Really...we should attend parties more often if it means I get to see you dressed like that."

"You're not supposed to be taking Sani's side." Valshar told her, feigning a hurt tone in hopes that she would change her mind. His plan failed when Melody shook her head.

"Not this time, love. I do love parties. It's sounds so romantic, don't you think?"

Both Melody and Sani burst into a fit of laughter and giggles when Valshar seemed to sink lower and lower into his seat with each passing moment.

"It's a little disheartening that we have to be cautious now." Melody added once their laughter quieted down after a few moments. She had been looking forward to returning to Sani's for another week to relax while Valshar tended to his business with the Eastern pack. "Does this mean that I can't travel to town anymore? Or is it alright if I take an escort?"

Sani gave Valshar a thoughtful glance when he shook his head apologetically. "It would be too much of a risk. Whether he is a liable threat or not, it's not a chance I'm willing to let you take. If you need something from town I will send someone to fetch it for you."

With a long sigh, Melody nodded. "I understand..."
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Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 7:20 pm

One of her servants greeted Sani at the door when she returned to the manor.

“Oh, m’Lady, you missed master Samuel, he gave his regrets but had to leave early.”

Sani’s eyes flickered to crimson, “What?”

The servant swallowed, “He said he had to leave.”


The girl blinked, “About four hours ago.”

Sani took a deep breath and exhaled very slowly as she tried to control her temper. “Where is my husband?”

“Lord Alexander is in his study, I believe.”

She stormed off to the study.

Alexander sat behind his desk and looked up, startled when Sani burst through the door of his study. He found himself pushed against the wall by an invisible hand, followed by the sound of a thin dagger sinking into the wall beside his ear.

“Sani, what the hell is this about?” He yelled. Then he saw that her eyes had gone fully crimson and he swallowed hard. For all his bravado and posturing in public, he knew he was no match for her powers.

“Where is he?” She snapped.

“Sam? He went home. Why?”

She closed the distance between them, plucking the dagger from the wall. She lowered it and let the point prick under his chin. He yelped and his eyes went wide.

“Have you lost your mind? What’s going on?”

She moved the dagger away from his skin, but backhanded him with the other hand. “Do not play stupid with me right now, Alexander. Are you positive your brother went home? What did you tell him about Melody?”

His eyes narrowed, “Figures it would have something to do with that wretched wolf.” The dangerous look in her eyes stopped any other snide comments he might have made. “All I told him was that she was expecting, and he asked why she was here without her husband, and I told him the wolf was busy.”

She growled, “You told him she was married to a wolf?”

“Why do you even care? She’s just a human carrying half-blood mongrels.”

That pushed Sani’s temper over the edge, and it was the last mistake he ever made. Moments later she wiped the blood from her dagger, and called for Edward.

“Yes, m’Lady?” He glanced from his mistress to the crumpled, bloody body on the floor.

“It seems dear Lord Alexander has had a terrible accident.”

Edward’s face remained stoically emotionless. He had served her long enough for such things not to bother him. “It does appear so, m’Lady. Shall I see to the body?”

“Please do.”

She strode past him and left the study. A smirk played across her face as she heard him tsking at the body.

“Tis a shame he fell on that dagger, repeatedly. Poor clumsy sod.”


The great hall of the manor had grown dark and cold as Sani summoned the Shadows to her. They seemed to absorb all light and heat around them.

“I want you to find Samuel. He is not to make it to the wolf pack. Even if he is not going that direction, I want him followed. If he does go near them, kill him, slowly.”

The room was filled with a sound akin to the wind rushing through an empty cavern. She nodded a dismissal and they vanished. Slowly the room brightened and grew warmer once they had departed.
One shadow however had not moved. This one was darker than the rest, more solid in its form. Slowly the form shifted even more to one resembling a lean man.

“Mourne.” She nodded.

The shadow man bowed low, and dropped to one knee before her. “You wished to see me, Mistress?”

“You are aware of where the girl Melody lives with her mate Valshar?”

“I have followed you there as you bade me to do, Mistress.”

She nodded. “Go there; do not be seen or felt by his wolves. They will perceive you as a threat. Watch, and protect her. She is not to be harmed by any person or power, neither her nor the cubs she carries.”

Mourne nodded, and resumed his previously formless state, a shapeless shadow.

“As you command, Mistress.”

He faded out of sight, and she was satisfied that between Valshar’s wolves and Mourne, Melody’s safety would not be threatened. It was as much as she could do. For now, she needed to rest as day broke outside the manor.

Unlike her, the shadows could move in the daylight, simply moving from one natural shadow to another, and were completely undetectable by all but the most sensitive beings. She knew if Mourne got too close too soon the wolves Valshar had chosen to guard Melody would detect him, though they would be unable to harm him. She didn’t want them to mistake his presence for an attack.

She would send Valshar a message, but it would have to wait until later. She barely made it to her bed before the exhaustion slammed into her.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 9:54 pm

Days later, Sani did her best to hide the restlessness she felt as Melody chattered on about almost everything that seemed to come across her mind. She had expected Samuel's departure would have been caused by something Alexander had mentioned, but her Shadows had relayed to her that he indeed had reached his home, only moving through the night to visit with business partners or to feed.

The only bit of relief Sani had gotten was when Valshar had sent a letter from Melody asking for another visit. Apparently, the pregnant girl had shewolves visiting the cabin with their cubs and caused them to panic. They had tried leaving for that evening and Melody had burst into tears, coddling one of the cubs and asking them to stay longer.

It was then that Valshar all but begged in the letter for another visit, if only to keep her company while the other wolves tended to the animals and garden for her.

After she had arrived, Sani had realized just how bored Melody had been getting and understood why she needed time away from the pack. Wolves would pop in at random times throughout the hour, whether to check on her, make sure she is hydrated or to add another pillow to the large chair she had been sitting in. One even went as far as to bring in an animal they had killed and spent the whole morning skinning it and preparing it for dinner.

"You know Sani." Melody's voice chimed in, gaining her full attention. The bump in her belly had grown quickly over the passing days and could be seen poking through the dress in an obvious light buldge. "You should have seen the look on Valshar's face when I asked him what he would do if we had all girls."
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 11:43 pm

Sani laughed. “I can well imagine it. Though he may just turn it around on you as an excuse to try again.”

Melody blushed a little and then laughed too, “Oh probably. He’s not all that subtle at times.”

“What’s worrying you, my dear?” Sani asked as she caught a look in Melody’s eyes.

She sighed, “Oh, it’s a big meeting between Valshar and another pack leader. He says not to worry about it, that it’s nothing dangerous, but I can’t help it, something about it bothers me.”

Sani nodded, “Well, I’ve known him a long time, and he is usually pretty capable of handling himself. Though he might end up worse for the wear afterwards, he comes through things fine. You need to be mindful that you don’t overstress yourself, not only for you but for those little ones of yours.”

“I know. I try, but then it gets so frustrating with all the wolves hovering around. I know it’s to keep me and the cubs safe, but I feel like I’m being smothered sometimes.”

She glanced up as the door opened and Valshar walked through it, bits of the forest still clinging to his fur. He paused long enough to greet Sani with a nod, nuzzled Melody and then flopped down by the fire.

Melody barely stifled a chuckle as she took in his display of feigned sleep. “Long day at work, love?”

One ear flicked and tilted toward her. He groaned and rolled to his side. “Long, and exhausting.” Then he raised his head and regarded her with a half grin. “Fifteen new cubs in the pack though, so a very good day.”

She ran a hand over her belly, and smiled. “Ours will be along soon too.” She stood up and walked over to him, and he sat up so that she didn’t need to bend over to reach him.

“Yes, they are growing well.” He said as he gently nosed her belly and rested his head against her while she picked burrs and leaf bits out of his fur.


Melody frowned, chewing on her bottom lip. “Just promise me you’ll be extra careful, even if you think you know this other Alpha.”

Valshar was preparing for the journey to the place of the meeting, and she had been fretting about it all morning. He sighed, and nodded, “I promise, love. I will be fine. Dreyan and Bael are coming with me, and I have several scouts already in place watching. Just try to relax and rest as much as you can. You’re getting far enough along that the cubs are growing very fast now and are going to be taking a lot out of you.”

She wrapped her arms around him and he held her close. “I know. I will rest. Besides, with so many around keeping an eye on me, I have no choice.”

He kissed her gently, “I am sorry about that. It will be a little easier once they are born.”

She smiled and leaned against him, both of them smiling even more as one of the cubs wiggled enough for them to feel. She kissed him and reluctantly let him go.

He sighed, and nodded, “I’m sure we’ll be back by tomorrow at the latest.”

“Alright. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He shifted to wolf form and headed out of the cabin. The two wolves who were accompanying him fell into step on either side of him as they headed east.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyWed Jan 22, 2014 1:29 am

"Ney'sara, it's only been 15 minutes..." Kynar laughed as he watched Melody restlessly pace around the kitchen. It was starting to make him a little nervous. "You'll wear down the flooring."

"I'm sorry Kynar. I just can't get rid of this feeling. Something isn't right." She replied, wringing her hands in her skirts and nearly tearing the fabric. "But every time I try ti distract myself, you scold me."

"Because you are going to strain yourself." he drawled out, stretching himself over the mat near in front of the fireplace. He nearly jumped to his feet when Melody suddenly rushed to the living room and towards the front door. She threw it open, startling the shewolf on guard.

"Can you please send for Sani?"


"Excuse me, Master."

Mathia's tired eyes pulled away from the book in front of him as he stared at the servant that pushed her way into his study room.After a quick glance at the clock he nodded to her. "I'm assuming we have a visitor again?" He asked in an annoyed voice.

The servant nodded, ducking her head back out of the room. A moment later, the man Mathias had not wanted to see strolled casually into the room, looking more smug than the day before. His dark brown-black hair and even darker eyes seemed to almost disappear into the shadows that the small candle on the desk had created.

"Samuel." Mathias grumped, returning his attention back to his book. The man had been stopping by the ranch to speak to him, curiously asking questions that he didn't want to answer. He was too polite to tell the man to leave him alone, as he had been one of the customers that San graciously pushed in his direction.

"I told you, I don't know where she and her husband live now. Lord Alexander and Lady Sani might know."

He didn't noticed the dark glint of black in his guest's eyes at the mention of Alexander's name.

"My brother had mentioned a place, but I wouldn't dare go near it." He replied, stalking around the desk slowly. "But he had mentioned something interesting regarding your sister's...delicate condition."

"And I fail to realize why you are coming to me when I have already told you that I don't know." Came the bored response while a few more pages were brushed through. With an angry sigh, Samuel took the book from Mathias and tossed it over his shoulder, earning a glare.

"Look here, now..." Samuel said in a firm and business like tone. "I have someone who is very interested in her and the cubs. If you could just tell us where they are, then I won't have to risk my life to get the information from someone else. I'm here first because you are unguarded."

Mathias could feel the anger from the vampire and froze in his chair, gripping the sides when Samuel moved closer, his eyes burning with something that had him rooted to the spot. "My sister is not pregnant. And even if I did know I wouldn't tell you. Now leave."

"You know....my brother was killed because of her. By his own mate." The vampire growled darkly. "If she and the mutts weren't considered valuable, then I would have killed her on site. But my 'client' has warned me that killing her would only strengthen the pack and has therefore found a much better use for the little human and her disgusting half-breeds. Until she is captured...."

Samuel smiled darkly.

"I think it's only fair that she....understand the pain of losing someone you care for."

Mathias let out a breath of relief when Samuel seemed to back away, only to let out a gurgling shriek as the vampire lunged at him with a blade he had pulled from his sleeve in a flash.

When one of the servants rushed into the room to see what the noise was, she let out a scream as Samuel let Mathias drop to the floor in a bloody heap and stalked towards her.


Melody let out a groan, ignoring the laugh from Kynar as she sprawled out next to him in front of the fireplace.

"I forgot that traveling during the day would be bad for a vampire." She whined. "The kitchen is clean, the animals are cared for, the garden has been harvested, and the deer from this morning is being bled out. There is nothing to do until Valshar comes back."
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyWed Jan 22, 2014 2:22 am

Melody had worn herself into a restless sleep. Naya sat beside her on the bed, fussing over her tiring herself out. Kynar paced the floor between the door and the fireplace.

A knock at the door brought a growl from Kynar and Melody nearly jumped out of her skin. Kynar opened the door and stepped back with a stern nod to Sani as she stepped inside.

Melody got up, despite Naya’s fussing, and then stopped when she saw the look on Sani’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“You should sit down, dear.”

A thousand thoughts rushed through her mind as she nodded and let Naya lead her to the chair. Sani watched both of the wolves and took a deep breath. “I’m afraid it’s Mathias.”

Melody looked at her, blinking in shock.

Sani continued, “He was killed, by Samuel. My shades were unable to stop him in time, but they overheard something that is even more disturbing.”

Melody sat, mouth open, unable to get any words out. Naya wrapped one arm around her protectively and Kynar moved to the other side, taking one hand gently. He looked over at Sani.
“What did they hear?”

She sighed, “Valshar was right to be worried. Apparently Samuel is working for someone who has a very keen interest in Melody and her cubs. My stupid husband had informed him of her condition and all about her and Valshar, and he probably gave him a rough idea of where the pack is since Alexander had been with me for the wedding.”

“Who is he working for?” Kynar growled.

She shook her head. “I don’t know. I would guess it to be another vampire since Samuel despises humans in general and I don’t see him working for one.”

Melody sobbed against Naya and then turned her tear streaked face to Sani, “What do we do?”

Sani glanced at Kynar. “I have some of my strongest shades, and vampires loyal to me. If you will permit us to come closer to the cabin, we can help keep watch and protect her tonight. As you know we are useless during the day, but if it is another vampire Samuel is working for, it might not be a problem.”

Kynar nodded, “Where are your people at now?”

“South of the cabin clearing, about 20 yards from the first watcher on that side.”

He nodded, “Come with me, I’ll let the others know they can pass.” He looked at Naya who nodded.

“Come on Melody, you really need to rest, this stress and lack of sleep isn’t good for the cubs or you.”
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyWed Jan 22, 2014 1:25 pm

Melody hiccuped, fussing when Naya tried pulling her to from the chair so that she could be moved to the bedroom. "I want to wait for Valshar." She told Naya firmly. "I can't sleep now even if I wanted to."

"But you need to. This stress in not healthy. You can mourn for your brother tomorrow when Valshar is here."

"I'm waiting for him."

"No, you're not. And that's final." Naya replied in a tone that told Melody that arguing further wouldn't make any difference in the shewolf's decision. With a defeated whimper, she let Naya help her out of the chair and guide her to the room. After a bit more fussing and grumbling, Naya had Melody changed and then all but buried into the bed's blankets.

"Naya...." Melody whispered quietly, the strain finally allowing Melody's eyes to droop tiredly. "The pack won't be in danger because of me, will it?" She asked. "M-my brother....has already been taken away...."
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyWed Jan 22, 2014 11:26 pm

Naya patted Melody gently and smiled warmly, “The pack has faced much greater dangers, and has always survived. We will continue to do so, and you and your cubs will be fine.”

She sat with Melody until the girl finally fell deep enough to sleep that she could get up without waking her. The old wolf walked back into the main room and looked over at Kynar who had returned, along with Sani.

“Poor child, she’s asleep finally, but I worry about her being under such stress, for her and the cubs. “

Kynar nodded, “I’ve gathered extra wolves, between us and Sani’s people the cabin is defended as well as it can be. All we can do is wait, and hope nothing happens until Valshar gets back.”

There was another blast of magic, followed by the sounds of wolves crying out in pain. Melody stifled a scream as she huddled in the protective circle that had formed around her.

Sani, Kynar, Myron and four other wolves, and two vampires had fallen back to the cabin to protect her. The door was flung open and a tall man walked through it. Melody gasped as she saw the deep crimson eyes.

Kynar growled and lunged at the vampire, but was flung aside by a wave of power. The old wolf landed hard against the hearth stones, only inches from the fire. He groaned as the breath was knocked out of him.

Myron and the other wolves leapt at him. But they too were swept aside. Melody winced as Myron landed hard enough to snap bones. Sani and the vampires stood their ground, but even they were unable to slow him down.

He reached out and grabbed Sani by the throat, pulling her close to him. His voice oozing power and malice, “Such valiant defenders.” He laughed coldly, “But you child should know better. You cannot stop me.” He pulled Sani even closer, his voice little more than a malevolent whisper. “I would have thought you learned that lesson. What I want, I get.”

She struggled to free herself, hissing at him “Leave her alone!”

He pushed her aside, and focused his crimson gaze on Melody. Melody froze in panic realizing she was completely defenseless. One by one he had swept through her protectors like they hadn’t even been there. Mentally she screamed for Valshar but knew that if he was where he was supposed to be, he would be too far away to save her this time.

The vampire took hold of her arm and she tried to pull away. He backhanded her and growled. “Fight me child and those precious little lives you carry inside you will be snuffed out.”

She froze again, one hand going to her belly, her heart sinking in fear. He dragged her out by the arm and pushed her up on a dreadful winged beast that waited outside.

Sani recovered herself and made it outside just in time to see him hurling a glowing ball of magic back toward the cabin. She instinctively threw up a shield spell and cried out at the amount of power that slammed into the shield. Her heart broke as she heard the death screams of three wolves who had been caught too far from her shield to be protected.

Glancing around the clearing she saw that nearly every wolf was wounded, four of her vampires were also dead, as was Melody’s mare. She sank to her knees, tears streaming down her face. Kynar limped out and sat down beside her.

“We need to get word to Valshar.”

He shook his head. “I’m sure he already knows. They are bonded, strongly, and he can feel her. I have no doubt that he is already on his way.”


Valshar and Jaldor of the eastern pack had shifted to their human forms. After spending two hours discussing Jaldor’s concerns, the old wolf was finally satisfied and they were shaking hands on the agreements that had been made.

The mental scream and wave of sheer terror slammed into Valshar’s mind so hard it knocked him to his knees.  Jaldor blinked and looked at him worriedly.

“What is wrong?”

He shook his head, standing back up. “My mate, in danger.”

Valshar didn’t wait for any reply, he was already in motion, shifting to wolf form and pushing himself to a full run. Worry gnawed at him the whole way, when he tried to reach out to Melody all he met was panic and fear.  He ran harder than he’d ever run before

By time he reached the edge of the clearing and saw the damage and wounded wolves, his heart nearly stopped. He saw Sani and went over to her, panting hard as he tried to catch his breath from the run. She looked at him and tears ran down her cheeks as she rushed to him and hugged him.

“I am sorry, Valshar, I failed you and her. I wasn’t able to protect her.”

“What happened?”

She took a deep breath. “Mathias was killed by Samuel. My shades over heard that he was working for someone with a keen interest in capturing Melody. I’m guessing that between what my idiot husband and Mathias might have told Samuel, that would be how he was able to find us so easily.” She sighed, looking utterly miserable. “If I had even guessed that it would be him, I would have brought stronger allies.”

Valshar looked over as Kynar moved up beside them. “Bastard is strong, whoever he is. I’ve never fought a vampire that strong. None of us were able to slow him down at all. Pretty sure that if Sani hadn’t been able to shield what she did, most of us would be dead now.”

Valshar nodded gravely and looked back to Sani. “You know this vampire?”

She shuddered and nodded, “Oh all too well I know him.” She looked up at him, “Valshar, the vampire who did this is the one who made me; he turned me to what I am. That’s why I couldn’t stop him. No vampire can directly attack the one who created them. It’s really about the only rule in our world.”

“Where will he take her?”

“He’ll be at his stronghold, it’s where the center of his power is, and he will be at his most powerful. Valshar he is very old, and very dangerous. I’m also positive this is a trap for you.”

“I don’t care. I have to get her back.”

“I know, just please be very careful.”

He nodded, “Where?”

She sketched out a rough map in the dirt and gave him directions. He nodded and gathered a group of wolves to go with him. Kynar looked sad, still limping. Valshar shook his head.

“Stay here Kynar. We’ll get her back.”


Melody woke, her memory hazy and feeling sore.  

“Ah, you’re awake.”

That oozing malicious voice brought back all the memories and Melody started to put a hand on her belly, worried but found herself bound.

A cold chuckle met her ears. “Your half blood whelps are fine, for now. As are you.”

She swallowed hard and looked around, as well as she could with the way she lay bound to a hard table.

“What do you want?”

He came into view, his eyes still that disturbing shade of crimson. “What I want, is what I want. I always get what I want.” He smiled, fangs flashing. “You are simply a means to an end.”

She watched as he looked out a window. “My prize is, I’m sure, already on his way to save his beloved mate.” He turned back to her and smiled again. “Then I shall have it. The heart of the great black wolf, and his fine rare pelt to add to my collection.”

He swept his hand out, gesturing to the walls. Melody looked and gasped as she realized the walls of the entire room were covered with pelts, and from the size and coloration of them she knew they had to be werewolf pelts. She also felt her heart sink as she noticed the blank spot on one wall, obviously being reserved for his ‘prize’.

“You won’t win.” She tried to sound brave.

The vampire laughed, a sound that made her skin crawl. “Dear child, I have already won. You made that rather easy, actually.”

Melody’s blood ran cold at that, and she remembered a conversation with Kynar. She realized the old wolf was right. Valshar would give up his life to save her, she knew that now, no matter what, she was more important to him than himself.


Valshar growled as he studied the stronghold. He turned to the wolves with him.

“Stay here.”


“Just do it. I’m going in alone. You have to wait here, get Melody back home and safe when she comes out. Whatever you do- do not stop or look back. Just go get her back to the pack.”

They all nodded, obviously unhappy about not being able to help more. He sighed and walked toward the door. Unsurprising, it opened as he neared it.

“Guess he’s expecting me.” He thought wryly to himself.

He could feel Melody through their bond, her worry and fear. He tried to keep his own thoughts calm as he made his way up through the stronghold to the top room where the vampire waited.

As he entered the room, noticing the door was open for him when he got there, he glanced around. The wolf pelts on the walls made him growl.

“So nice of you to finally join us.” Valshar glared at the vampire, but a sound to the left caught his attention.

“Valshar.” Melody whimpered. He went to her, ignoring the vampire. He nuzzled her gently and looked into her eyes.

*Melody.* Her eyes went wide at the feel of his voice in her mind. Then she closed her eyes, wrapping her mind around the comforting feel of his voice. *You have to be strong, love. I will get him to let you go. There are wolves outside. Go to them and they will get you home.*  She opened her eyes again and nodded.

*He plans to kill you.* She thought back to him.

*Don’t worry about that. Just go when he frees you, and don’t look back.*

He turned back toward the vampire. “Let her go.”

The vampire just shrugged, “That will be up to you. If you attack me or try to fight me in any way, she and those lives she carries will die slowly and as painfully as I can make it. Humans are rather fragile though so it likely won’t last all that long.”

Valshar took a step closer, feeling Melody’s fear growing. “You have me. You do not need her. Let her go.”

The vampire’s smile grew, “Are you surrendering yourself to me, then?”

*Be strong Melody, get to the wolves and go home* he told her again mentally. He looked at the vampire and just lowered his head.


With a wave of the vampire’s hand, the shackles that had been holding Melody vanished, and she struggled to get up off the table. Her body was stiff, and being pregnant as she was, it was even harder for her to move quickly. She tried not to look back, as Valshar had told her. But she did, and nearly froze at what she saw.

Slaves had appeared out of nowhere and were placing vile looking chains on Valshar. Heavy chains around his neck, and legs, even one around his tail, and a cruel looking muzzle slipped over his head.

She swallowed hard, and heard his mental voice once more.


She gathered herself up and rushed out of the stronghold.

The wolves rose and rushed to meet her, one shifting and slipping a cloak around her shoulders. She sobbed against him, and shook. He cast a worried glance at the building and then remembered Valshar’s words.

“Come Ney’Sara, we have to get you home.”

He got her up on the back of another big male, and she hung on tight out of instinct. Her body was sore, and exhausted, and her mind was numb from the shock. They were starting to move away from the stronghold when a sound that was half howl and half scream shattered the silence around them.

“Valshar!” Melody’s scream echoed the sound and she broke down into another wave of sobbing, burying her face against the neck of the wolf she rode.

The all bowed their heads, and then the lead wolf urged them on. “Remember what the Alpha told us, protect the Ney’sara and get her home. Go!”


Melody shook uncontrollably, rocking back and forth clutching a pillow. Naya sat beside her, trying to get her to drink a tea that would help her sleep.

Kynar had been talking to the party that rescued her, and sighed. He looked over at her, and shook his head. “I should tell the pack, but I can’t even bring myself to say the words.”

“Don’t tell the pack just yet. We need to see to Melody first. I’m very worried about her and the cubs, she’s been under so much stress and that is dangerous.”

Kynar caught something else in the old she wolf’s eye. Stubborn refusal. He smiled, understanding that. He himself didn’t want to believe Valshar could be dead.

“Do you think there’s any chance he survived?”

“There’s always hope, so they say.”

He nodded, “Either way, I’m not keen on leaving him in that place. I’ll gather some wolves to go find him.”

“I can help.” Sani said, as she entered the cabin. “Once I knew who it was we were dealing with, I called in a favor with an old ally, they’re on their way here now.”

“They can be trusted?”

Sani nodded, “They can and they are every bit as strong as he is, and have no connection to him so they are quite able to fight him.”

He nodded. “I’ll gather the wolves.”


The vampire heard the wolves attacking his creatures that guarded his stronghold. He hissed in anger and grabbed Valshar roughly by the muzzle.

Valshar’s eyes met his, and then closed again.

“They will not deny me of my prize.” He shrieked in anger. He plunged his dagger deep in Valshar’s side.

Valshar howled in pain as well as he could with his muzzle tied as it was.

“Valshar!” Melody screamed. “You can’t die! You promised you would never leave me alone. You promised!”

He felt Melody’s cry echo in his mind through their bond, and he winced knowing she had felt his pain.

*I love you, Melody, please know that. I always will. Be strong. Please forgive me.* He tried to send back to her along their bond.


Sani’s friend had been able to handle the vampire, and Kynar and the other wolves pushed through the stronghold, killing the few creatures that tried to stop them.

When they found the room, they stood stunned. Valshar lay still chained, and Kynar cringed to think of the pain he had endured judging from the damage to his body.

“Look at all the pelts.” Another wolf whispered.

Kynar nodded grimly. “He’s been killing wolves a long time. Some of them look very old.”

He walked over and motioned them to help him, and they got the chains and muzzle off Valshar and bowed their heads.

“Come on, I’m not leaving him here. Help me get him out and we can take him home.”

They got him outside and gently lay him down for a moment.  The wolves stood around him, still in shock.  Above them, the full moon shone brightly and it seemed to get brighter and then a shadow appeared before them.

It seemed to form itself from the midnight sky itself, and its eyes reflected the moon. The group stared as the apparition took the shape of a giant black wolf, though stars still seemed to glitter in the blackness of its pelt. The eyes glowed softly, just like the moon above them. It took slow steady steps toward them, its eyes focused on Valshar’s body.

“Son of my blood.” It spoke, “This is not your time.” The great wolf lowered his muzzle to Valshar, breathing over him. “You will join us in the great run some day, but not yet. Your pack and mate still need you. Return to them.”

Kynar and the other wolves stared, unable to move as they watched the wounds heal across Valshar’s body, and slowly his side moved a little bit as he took a breath.

Valshar took another breath and his eyes opened, unfocused at first, he looked up and the great shadow wolf smiled. *Grandfather?* Valshar thought silently. The great wolf’s eyes closed briefly in a silent, imperceptible nod.

“Go, your mate needs you, as do the cubs she carries.”

Valshar rose, shaking himself. The great wolf faded, and he glanced at Kynar and the others.

“Let’s get home.”

The all nodded, not sure what had just happened, but glad to have Valshar back.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyThu Jan 23, 2014 12:15 am

"Melody, please..." Naya all but growled in a frustrated tone. The tea was ice cold now and Melody had wrapped herself in a blanket, sobbing and hiccuping as she paced the room muttering 'He's gone' over and over.

It felt like eons had passed, her body feeling sore and weakened from her hysterics. It wasn't until Naya grabbed her arm to stop her that Melody felt something in the back of her mind suddenly....appear.

"V-Valshar." She hiccuped, another fresh wave of tears starting to fall as the older wolf tried leading her to the chair. She focused on the feeling, clinging to it desperately for fear that it would go out again. When it started to get stronger, she found herself sobbing again. In relief or fear, Melody couldn't tell, but she felt deep down that it was the bond, and Valshar was near.

When a familiar howl echoed throughout the damaged clearing, Melody nearly fell to hear knees, unable to control herself when the sound of heavy claws shifting to boots and the front door all but being kicked in.

As soon as she set eyes on the familiar black shaggy hair and amber eyes she rushed to him.

The flood of emotions was too much for her, and when Valshar smiled tiredly and opened his arms for her, Melody did the only thing she had felt like doing.

And slapped Valshar the second he came within arms reach.

She could hear someone gasp behind him, but she didn't care. Her relief was starting to overcome the other emotions as well as her anger as she slapped him again, taking advantage of his shock.

"Don't you ever," Melody cried angrily, letting out a sobbing whine when he caught her arms when she tried to hit him again. After realizing she couldn't move her arms she buried her face into his chest and let out another sob. "EVER do anything like that again! How dare you try to leave me behind like this! Alone with cubs! You polite bastard!"
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyThu Jan 23, 2014 2:04 am

Valshar wrapped Melody up in his arms, and gently nuzzled her.

“I wasn’t trying to leave you, love. I would never want to leave you or our cubs, ever. I am so sorry for all that you have been put through.”

He kissed her softly and she sobbed and cried against his chest, her body shaking as the flood of emotions and stress from the last couple days broke free. Valshar held her until she finally exhausted the last of it, and could only whimper and sniffle as she looked up at him.

“You need to rest, love. Come on.”

“I don’t want to sleep.” She protested weakly.

He gently scooped her up in his arms and carried her, ignoring the feeble swats as she tried to resist. He lay her down on the bed, and pulled the blanket up over her. She sighed and reached up to run her fingers through his hair.

“Promise me you won’t do that again.”

“I promise. You’re stuck with me forever.” He leaned down and kissed her again.

She looked deeply into those warm amber eyes and she felt the low thrumming purr-growl of his echoing through her mind.

“That’s cheating.” She muttered, already getting sleepier. She yawned and found she could no longer keep her eyes open.

He just smiled and waited until he was sure she was truly asleep before he moved.

When he walked back into the other room, Naya caught him in a hug. “I’m so glad to have you back, Valshar.”

He smiled. “Thank the First Wolf. Literally.”

She regarded him closely, “Are you alright?”

He laughed, “I’m serious, Naya. Unless all of us have gone mad, it was the First Wolf who saved me.”

She looked at the other wolves and they all nodded.

“Don’t think I’ll ever get that out of my mind. He looked like his pelt was made out of the night sky itself with two moons for eyes.” Said Bael.

Naya blinked and sighed deeply. Valshar gripped her hand gently.

“You know, lad.” Kynar grinned, “I’m half tempted to slap you myself, considering how close you came to making me have to be Alpha. I told you before I don’t want the damned job.”

Valshar laughed, “Fair enough, though at this point I am not sure I’d even feel it if you did. I’ll try to give you more warning next time before I promote you.”

Kynar made a face at him and then chuckled, “We’ll leave you be. I’ve posted a watcher to keep scavengers away, we’ll be back tomorrow to see to those who fell.”

Valshar nodded, his expression growing more serious. “Thank you, all of you for everything you’ve done. Please send a message to Sani as well, thanking her for her ally’s help and everything else. And give my thanks to those who were injured defending Melody.”

“Unless it’s an emergency, take tomorrow off, lad, I think you’ve both earned a day of rest together.”


Valshar checked on Melody again after everyone had left. He smiled as she slept peacefully. He went back into the main room and put more wood on the fire, and then pulled down his box from the mantle. He opened it and pulled out the pouch of special herbs he kept there. He sat down before the fire and sprinkled some of the herbs over the flames.

Soon wisps of fragrant smoke filled the room, and he inhaled deeply, and closed his eyes.

“Ancestors, hear me.” He began.

He felt a change in the pressure of the room around him and opened his eyes. The great wolf smiled back at him from within the flames.

“We always hear you, Son of my blood.”

Valshar nodded, “I wanted to thank you properly for what you gave me. I know what really happened and I am very grateful to have another chance to be with my mate, and to know that I will see my cubs born.”

The spirit wolf shimmered and stepped into the room past him, much smaller now though. It peered into the bedroom at Melody.

“As I said, it was not your time. Your cubs are destined for an important path, and they will need you to guide them. She has not quite learned to see her own strength yet, so would not be able to do it alone.”

Valshar put the pouch back in the box and put the box back in its place, and turned to face the spirit wolf. “Does Naya know, who you really were?”

The spirit turned back to him and shook its head, “No. It is rare that I walk among my children in a mortal form. When I do, they cannot know that it is me. I was just a wolf to her.”

“You were more than just a wolf, Grandfather…”

“I don’t mind you calling me that, I prefer it actually, though it’s not entirely accurate, it is at least partly true. I miss her too at times, but she cannot know.”

Valshar nodded, “I have a question, if you can answer it.”

The great wolf nodded, “I do not guarantee an answer, but ask.”

Valshar sat down, and thought for a moment, “Should I move the pack? I know this territory has been ours for over a thousand years, but if it is no longer going to be safe…”

“I believe it will be safe enough for a while yet. This threat was regrettably unexpected, but I don’t think anything else will happen in the near future. However, yes, the time will come when you will need to move the pack. But you will know when it is time, and you will know where to lead them. I will guide you.”

Valshar nodded.

“Besides,” The spirit wolf said with a grin, “Your cubs are going to be born soon and will need to be well grown before you go moving the pack.”

Valshar tilted his head at that, “But Naya said we shouldn’t expect them for another two months or so. When do you think they will be born?”

“By the end of this month, without a doubt.”

"Really? Naya was saying from all the records we could find, that it's usually around seven months for a human with cubs."

The spirit wolf chuckled. "That would be true, for a pure human."

Valshar blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Have you never wondered why you were so drawn to humans, but only to two particular humans?"

Valshar thought for a moment and shook his head, "I'm not sure I ever really thought about it seriously. Just sort of thought I followed my heart and that's where it went."

The great wolf nodded, "Yes, but there is a reason your heart went where it did. There is a faint trace of the wolf blood in her, as there was with your first. Strong enough it affects her in some things, but not strong enough to notice just in looking at her."

Valshar smiled, and looked toward where Melody slept. "I suppose she shouldn't know that."

"Not yet. She will figure it out for herself in time, but for now, no, she doesn't need to know."

Valshar nodded. “Thank you, for everything.”

“You are a good leader for this pack. We are all very proud of you.”

The spirit faded into faint traces of incense smoke again and Valshar yawned. He shifted to wolf form and padded into the bed room to curl up beside Melody.
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"I'm sorry for hitting you."

Valshar's ears perked slightly when he heard Melody spoke. He knew she had been awake for almost and hour, and neither of them bothered moving from where they lay.

"I'm sorry that you lost Mathias." And he meant it.

"If I had told you no when you asked for us to be together." Melody replied, her voice filled with sadness. "He would still be here. But it's too late for that, and even if I had a chance to change my decision....I wouldn't."

She moved, switching herself around to face him with small, fresh tears and ran a hand through his fur. "I just wish I could have told him how much he meant to me. No, he didn't approve of our marriage and no, he probably would have lost his mind if he found out I was pregnant...but he still cared for me. I miss my brother."
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyThu Jan 23, 2014 6:21 pm

He wrapped her in his arms and pulled her close, nuzzling her. “Of course you miss him. He was family.”

He let one hand slide down to rest on her belly, and she smiled.

“You think they’re still alright, after all this?”

He nodded, “I’m positive of it, though I think they are going to be born soon.”

Her eyes widened, “Soon? But Naya was saying it would be another two months.”

Valshar grinned, “They will be here a lot sooner than that. They are growing impatient and want to smell the world.”

She giggled, “Don’t you mean ‘see the world’?”

“Eventually yes, but not right away.”

She tilted her head in a question.

He chuckled, “Cubs are born with their eyes and ears closed. Takes a couple weeks for them to be able to see or hear.”

“Oh, I forgot about that.”

She rested her head against him, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with the ranch. Part of me says I should just sell everything off, since I’m not going to live there. But Mathias worked so hard on it all; I hate to just get rid of it.”

“I think Sani said she would have people there to look after things for you until you were able to decide on it.” Valshar thought for a moment, “The horses might be useful later on though. You have ones that are able to pull wagons or carriages right?”

She looked at him, puzzled. “We have about half that are harness trained, the others are riding horses. We do have a couple big heavy drafts as well that were used for heavy work on the farm. Why? I didn’t think you liked horses.”

“It’s often more the case of they don’t like me because I’m a wolf. I know you’re also still upset over losing your mare.”

She nodded, frowning. “She was a good horse. I think I have one at the ranch who might be just as good around the wolves, but most would take a bit of work to get used to having wolves around them.”

He nodded, “Maybe that can be a project for after the cubs are born and you’re able to travel easier to and from. I can send some wolves with you to help get the horses used to us being around.”

Melody sat up, groaning as her belly made it harder to move with any grace. “What are you thinking Valshar? Why the interest in the horses now?”

He smiled, “What would you say if I told you I was thinking of moving the pack? But to do so effectively we’d need carriages and wagons, and horses to pull them. We have many old wolves, pregnant females, and those with young cubs who would not be able to manage a long journey on foot.”
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyThu Jan 23, 2014 11:36 pm

"I don't know if I like that idea." Melody replied, her brows furrowed in thought. She didn't understand why Valshar would go through the trouble of building such a perfect home for her and the cubs and then want to move, leaving it all behind.

"Then we can speak about it at a later date." He replied, rubbing a hand slowly over her swollen belly. "Right now I want to send for Naya and have her prepare everything for the cubs. I should warn you now that it's likely she will order you stay in bed."

She grimaced at the thought. "That would drive me insane. What am I supposed to do the whole time?"
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptyFri Jan 24, 2014 5:12 am

Valshar shifted the pile of nesting material, again, at Melody’s bidding. The last two days she had been growing increasingly restless and unsettled, which Naya had informed them meant that the coming of the cubs was imminent. So he was helping to prepare a nest for the cubs so they would be able to sleep comfortably and be kept warmer than he or Melody would need.

Naya had been by that morning to check on them, but had left the pair as Melody fussed mildly about one thing or another after assuring them both that Melody and the cubs were doing fine.
“Maybe a little more of the soft fur, or would that keep them too warm?”

Valshar smiled with the long suffering patience of love, and added more of the fur. “They will be small; the warmth will be good for them.”

She nodded, pleased with his apparent agreement. Melody oversaw his efforts from their bed, propped up by several pillows. She had fussed about that as well, but the last time she had tried to be on her feet too much, she’d gotten dizzy, and that worried Valshar too much. So she had been confined to bed, but that hadn’t stopped her from getting him to do things for her since she was unable to do them herself.

Seeing her lean back against the pillows, Valshar turned his attention away from the nest and padded over to rest his head on the bed beside her. She reached over, absently rubbing the spot behind one ear.

“I’m fine, just getting tired again.” She answered the unspoken question.

He nodded and shifted, gently taking her hand. “Then you should rest, love.”

She gave him a look and rolled her eyes, “I think that’s all I’ve been doing the last two days. Wonder when they’re going to decide they’re ready to be born.”

He smiled, and when she patted the bed beside her, he slid in and slipped his arm around her as she shifted enough to rest against his shoulder and chest.

“I’m sure they will be along soon, maybe even tonight.”

She yawned, and put her hand in his as she snuggled against him. “I’ll be glad when they’re born. Getting tired of not being able to move.”

He chuckled, “Just think if you were a she wolf carrying four or five cubs and having to hunt for yourself.”

“Ugh, I’m quite sure I would just end up starving.” She looked up at him through her lashes, “Guess I’m lucky I have a husband who’s such a good hunter.”

“Is that all I’m good for?” He teased.

She smiled against his chest, “You make a good pillow too.”


Valshar woke with a start as he felt Melody move beside him with a whimper of pain. He sat up and looked over at her.

“Valshar.” She whimpered again, “I think it’s the cubs.”

He nodded, squeezing her hand gently. “Let me go send for Naya and I’ll be right back.”
He told one of the wolves outside to fetch Naya, and then added more wood to the fire before rejoining Melody.

By the time Naya arrived, with another healer in tow to help assist her, Melody was breathing harder, and whimpering more as the pain had gotten steadier. Naya gave Valshar a stern look.

“Hold her, keep her back supported. That will keep you busy and out of my way.”

He gave her a look and snorted. “It isn’t the first time I’ve been present for a birthing you know. I’m not completely daft.”

She chuckled, “We’ll debate that later.”

Valshar understood the reasons behind her good natured teasing. Yes, as Alpha he had been present at many birthing, but this was the first time it was his mate, and his cubs. He was more nervous about it, though he didn’t want to admit it.

Instead, he focused on doing as she had told him. He shifted to wolf form, supporting Melody’s back against his broad furry chest. His fore paws were placed on either side of her, and as another contraction hit Melody, he felt one hand tighten on his leg, and the other gripped the fur of his neck.

Melody focused on the warm feeling of his presence, both his physical form gently supporting her, but also the steady, gentle touch of him that she felt through their bond. He was doing his best to help her, by keeping her from focusing on the pain. She half felt, half saw in her mind a constant stream of emotions and images of pleasant things they had enjoyed together. A sunrise or sunset, a meadow full of wildflowers, riding through the forest as spring brought new life to trees and flowers, cuddling by the fire. It helped, she was able to keep her breathing steadier but the contractions were getting more intense.

Finally as the first cub prepared to make its entrance into the world, Melody nearly screamed, and then Valshar let out a surprised yip as she bit him, catching the loose skin of his neck scruff. It wasn’t until after the cub was born and she heard the tiny squealing cries and smiled that Melody realized what she had done.

“Oh Valshar, I’m sorry.”

He nuzzled her, turning his head at what should have been an impossible angle, to lick the tears of pain from her cheeks.

“No, love, it’s alright. If it helps you through the pain, do it. You are not hurting me.”

“Are you sure? You yelped.”

He nuzzled her again, “I’m sure. It was only that you surprised me, not that it hurt at all.”

“The first cub is a fine little female.” Tess, Naya’s assistant, told them.

Melody’s smile grew, and she ran her fingers over Valshar’s furry neck. “I think, if there’s more than two, I may just have to hit you, on principle.”

He chuckled, and nodded, “Fair enough.” He already knew there would be more than two.

Then she whimpered again as the second cub prepared to follow its more adventurous sibling out into the world.

By the time the last cub was born, Melody sagged against Valshar, completely exhausted. He cuddled her close, and gave a wry smile as he twitched out the fur of his neck scruff. If she had been possessed of the stronger jaws and canines of a she wolf, he was positive she would have ended up drawing blood. As it was, he was grateful that his scruff was so devoid of nerve endings. Still, it wouldn’t have mattered to him if it had hurt him, he would have denied it anyway.

Tess was cleaning up the last cub, and Naya had finished tending to Melody. Valshar helped her roll to her side, moving to curl close against her so she was still supported by his body. Tess and Naya put the four squeaking cubs against her chest, and smiled.

“A fine litter.” Naya said.

Melody’s eyes widened. “Four cubs?” Even though she had just given birth to them, somehow seeing them all together made the number truly sink in to her tired, pain befuddled mind.

She raised one hand and weakly swatted Valshar’s head. “Four cubs?” She repeated, glaring at him. “How by the First Wolf, am I supposed to manage nursing four cubs?”

He grinned, “You’ll have help.”

She looked at him flatly, “Certainly not from you.”

He laughed, and then nodded, “True, that is a bit outside the scope of my abilities.”

Naya was also laughing at the exchange and then patted Melody’s hand. “Nurse them as best you can, it’s important that they all get at least some milk from you as quickly as possible. I’ll check with a few she wolves who I know have small litters and plenty of milk. One of them should be willing to help with the nursing so you don’t wear yourself out. Making sure to eat plenty of fresh meat will help as well.”

Melody nodded, the exhaustion of the birth making it hard to do much else. She shifted a little to make herself and her four cubs as comfortable as possible, while Valshar snuggled against her, peering over her at the cubs.

“They are perfect.” He told her, nuzzling her softly.

“Are they all girls?”  

He chuckled again, “Nearly. Three girls and one boy.”

She frowned in mock disappointment, “Drat, and here I was hoping for all girls. Oh well, guess you’re happy since you got a son.”

His chest started to vibrate with that low thrumming near purr of his, and he looked into her eyes. “I would be every bit as happy if they had all been girls. I am happy because they are all healthy and you are healthy, that is all that mattered to me. I love you Na’cy’rana.”

She smiled at the special name he used for her, though she couldn’t remember its meaning, so she asked him. “What does that mean? I don’t remember, if you ever told me.”

“It means ‘song of my heart’ or just ‘heart song’ in a more simple translation. It is what you are to me, for you are the joy that gives my heart reason to sing.”

“I like it.”

He smiled, “I’ll have to remember to use it more often then. You should rest, love.”

She nodded, finally letting the gentle sound and vibration of his thrumming purr and the exhaustion she felt push her into a deep sleep. Valshar however, remained on full alert, keeping watch as she slept. He made sure the cubs each got a chance to nurse, and that they didn’t roll off the bed.

Finally when they were more interested in sleeping than anything, he moved to put them in the nest he’d made for them. He made sure there was plenty of wood on the fire, before moving back to the bed, laying where he could keep Melody warm and comfortable, and keep an eye on the cubs.
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Melody's mind was groggy when her eyes fluttered open. She had been enjoying her dream, but something felt off as she tried to get comfortable against the mass of fur that was wrapped around her. It was until she heard the whimpering and whines of something that her eyes fully snapped open, despite the burning of exhaustion she still felt in them.

Valshar moved away from her, gracefully jumping off of the bed and retrieving the yowling newborn before returning by her side.

"He is going to be such a mother's boy." Melody cooed, taking the cub as it let out another bout of fussing. She could see in the dim light from the fire that the fur was dark. How dark, it was hard to tell but she had a feeling it would be close enough to Valshar's coat, but not quite. She had also seen that one of the girls also had a dark coat, but slightly lighter. The other two girls had been as brown as her hair.

"I may object to you spoiling him." Valshar chuckled as he wrapped himself back around Melody so that she could lean back comfortably while she started to nurse.

"You know, there are 3 little girls over there that will be your  little princesses. I'm sure there will be some spoiling on your end. it's only fair." She countered with a light laugh. "I hope Naya finds another shewolf soon. It's going to be a nightmare if they all were hungry at the same time. I feel like I could just fall asleep at any moment."

To put emphasis on this, she let out a long yawn, snuggling herself further into Valshar's fur. She could feel the pleased rumble through his body.

It wasn't until she felt the cub stop moving did she realize he had fallen asleep on her. "Yes...definitely a mother's boy. Spoiling is inevitable."
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Moon (private rp)   Wolf Moon (private rp) - Page 9 EmptySat Jan 25, 2014 1:11 am

Valshar finally put the cubs in their nest, and tucked Melody in while she slept. He started to leave the bed, and she stirred.


“I’m just going to go hunt, love. I won’t be far. Naya sent word she’ll be along soon with a she wolf she wants you to meet, about help with the cubs. Get some rest.”

She nodded, and let her eyes close again. She knew even with Valshar off hunting there were never any less than half a dozen wolves within sight of the cabin at any given time anymore. It still frustrated her at times, but she’d given up fussing about it.


Several hours later, Melody was roused by the light knock at the door. “Come in?” She said as she assumed it would be Naya.

As expected the old she wolf smiled as she peered around the corner at her. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired and still very sore, but good aside from that.”

Naya grinned and nodded, as she nosed the cubs as well to check them over. “It will be interesting to see if any inherit their father’s coat.”

Melody shifted over so she could peer into the nest as well. “I was thinking a couple are already looking rather dark.”

Naya chuckled, “They are now, but these coats don’t stay. In about a month they’ll lose it all and start over.”

Melody sat back, stunned, “They lose all their fur?”

“Every bit, right down to their tiny little whiskers. Some do it gradually; some decide to have it done all at once and throw fur everywhere. Within a week of losing it all, the first true coat comes in, and that’s when you can start getting an idea what they’ll look like grown.”

“That’s also when the cubs are most susceptible to chills, even in the summer. But you seem to have an expert nest builder.”

Valshar laughed as he padded in behind her. “I was just following orders.”

He nuzzled his grandmother in greeting, and then looked over at Melody. “Feel like eating?”

Melody rolled her eyes, “What did you bring me?”

“Fresh deer.” He grinned.

She sighed, “Alright, a little bit, and if you don’t mind, mince it up small, I don’t really feel like doing a lot of chewing right now.”

He nodded and headed over to prepare it for her.

Naya chuckled, “A young she wolf should be arriving soon, she was just seeing to a few things before coming.”

Valshar returned with a bowl of meat for Melody and nodded to Naya, “Help yourself as well, if you wish. “

“Thank you, I think I will, breakfast seems ages ago.”

He sat down beside Melody as she ate. “When the she wolf comes in, she’ll be asking your permission to see the cubs. It’s customary, since except in the direst of emergencies, no one other than the parents, and healer are supposed to come near a female’s cubs without permission.”

She looked up at him and nodded, “Is there something special I need to say, or just tell her she can?”

“Just saying that she may see them is fine, it’s just a matter of courtesy and granting her permission.”

“Alright. I know I’m going to be grateful for the help, especially if that boy has your appetite.”

Valshar laughed again, “Very likely.”

Naya came up behind him and nudged him, while she finished stuffing some meat in her mouth.

“Valshar here is a perfect example of what we were talking about. Proof that you can’t tell by looking at them when they’re born.”

Melody blinked and looked over at her mate. “Really? What color did he start out?”

“When Valshar was born, his fur was as white as fresh snow. At a month old, he dropped every bit of it like you’d shaken it off him, and three days later was black as midnight.”

He nodded, “I remember my mother telling me the same thing. I can’t say one way or the other. Earliest I can remember actually being able to see my own fur, it was already dark.”

Another knock came at the door and Valshar went to open it. The young she wolf bowed and greeted him.

“Alpha. Naya said you and your mate might need help tending to your cubs?”

He smiled and moved so she could enter. “Yes, come in please.”

She nodded and padded into the cabin past him, stopping where she could see Melody, and sat down, maintaining a polite distance.

“Greetings, Ney’Sara. My name is Jenna. May I approach and see the cubs?”

Melody nodded, motioning to the nest. “Yes, you may come and see them. They’ll probably be waking up hungry again very soon.”

Jenna walked over and nosed each one, inhaling deeply to set their scent to her memory. “They are very fine cubs. I would be honored and happy to assist you with their care if you wish.”

“I would be very grateful for that assistance, Jenna. Thank you.”

“Jenna.” Valshar said as he moved into the room. “There’s still plenty of meat left of the deer I brought in, if you wish to have any.”

She bowed her head, “I would not mind more meat, if you have had enough.”

He looked at Melody who handed him the bowl back, shaking her head. “I can’t eat anymore.”

“I ate my fill already as well, so help yourself while the cubs sleep.”
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"I appreciate your help so much."

Melody sat on the bed, slowly rubbing her hand over the back of the little male cub and one of his sisters as they slept, the other females nursing on Jenna. The shewolf lay there with a smile. Not long after Valshar had left for his duties, they all had woken up and making the biggest fuss. Melody couldn't help but coo at them constantly while Jenna managed two of them easily.

"The pack was thrilled to hear news of the cubs. I'm sure if you asked, every single wolf available would jump at the chance." Came the hushed reply. "I am currently the only female with a single cub, so I have plenty to share with other litters."

Melody tilted her head curiously. "Where is your cub right now?"

A thoughtful hum, followed by one of the girls pulling away and letting out a long yawn. Both Melody and Jenna chuckled.

"My sister is nursing her. Once your cubs are full I will return to mine for a little while."

"You should bring her with you, one day. I feel terrible for making you travel such a distance." Melody admitted with a sigh. The other female soon finished nursing as well, giving Jenna a chance to stand up and stretch out her limbs.

With a gentle nudge, Jenna rolled the cubs closer together as they slept. Melody wished she wasn't confined to the bed so she could hug them, but Naya had ordered at least a few weeks more of bedrest. At least until the cubs feedings leveled out more easily.

"I will one day. But for now I don't mind it. I could use the exercise." Jenna replied with a bow of her head. "It's getting late, so I will return home. Your cubs should sleep well through the night. Rest well, Ney'sara. You will need as much of it as possible."
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Valshar returned to the cabin, taking time to make sure the fire was going well enough to keep the cubs warm.

As Melody watched him from the bed, she thought he was looking particularly weary.


He looked up, “Yes, love?”

He got up and moved into the bedroom. She held out a hand to him and he took it and settled down beside her.

“You look tired, have you even slept since the cubs were born?”

He shook his head, “No, I haven’t. Oh, Miriam wanted me to let you know she might try to make it to see the cubs tomorrow. She’s near due to have her own, so may not feel up to it, but if she does, she wants to come see them.”

Melody smiled, “I’d love for her to see them if she can. I guess that would be why Kynar hasn’t been here as much lately if she’s that close.”

He nodded, “Yeah he’s been keeping close to home to help her out. Things are quiet enough, so I don’t need him right now. Though we did talk about a few things when I stopped by.”

She wondered at the look in his eyes, “Are you still thinking about moving the pack?”

“It’s still something I’m considering, but it will require a lot of planning and preparation, which is why I’d rather start the process on our own terms rather than wait until we’re pushed into it.”

Melody frowned, “You don’t think that’s going to happen do you?”

He shrugged, “Probably not for a while, but scouts have reported humans building closer to our territory and it seems like they keep getting closer every season. It’s just reaching the point where I think we need to start looking for a more secure place to live.”

He looked down at the cubs, reaching over to gently rub one’s tummy as it lay on its back. “This place holds a lot for us, and it won’t be easy for many of the older wolves especially to let go of it. However, for the future of our pack, I really think it’s time to start finding a new place. I’d like to go scouting a place I know about, but it would mean I’d need to be gone for a couple weeks or so, and I can’t do that until you’re recovered and able to manage better though you wouldn’t be alone of course.”
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Wolf Moon (private rp)
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